The Elixir of Doom
The Elixir of Doom{{#set:Has image=File:The Elixir of Doom.jpg}}
Main character(s): Iris Wildthyme, Jo
Featuring: Eighth Doctor
Main setting: Los Angeles, 1936
Key crew
Publisher: publisher::Big Finish Productions
Writer: Paul Magrs
Director: Lisa Bowerman
Music: Richard Fox and Lauren Yason
Sound: Richard Fox and Lauren Yason
Read by: Katy Manning, Derek Fowlds
Release details
Release number: 8.11
Release date: 16 May 2014
Format: 2 Parts, 1 CD
Production code: BFPDWCC79
ISBN 978-1-78178-093-0
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The Companion Chronicles
The War To End All Wars Second Chances
The Elixir of Doom was the seventy-ninth release in the Companion Chronicles audio range.

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Once, Jo Grant travelled in Space and Time with the Doctor. Now, she is travelling with trans-temporal adventuress Iris Wildthyme.

Arriving in Los Angeles in the 1930s, Jo and Iris are caught up in the glamour of Hollywood.

Monster movies are all the rage.

But sometimes monsters are real…

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  • Along with AUDIO: Solitaire, this is one of only two Companion Chronicles to feature the Eighth Doctor. It is also the second Companion Chronicle to pair Iris Wildthyme and Jo Grant together, who previously appeared in AUDIO: Find and Replace.
  • This story was recorded on 1 November 2011.

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