Oracle of the Supermarket
Main character(s): Iris Wildthyme
Featuring: Edwin Turner
Main enemy: Cassie Burdock/the Oracle
Main setting: Fergusons, late 20th century
Key crew
Publisher: publisher::Big Finish Productions
Writer: Roy Gill
Director: Scott Handcock
Music: Ioan Morris and Rhys Downing
Sound: Neil Gardner
Cover by: Hamish Steele
Release details
Release number: 5.3
Release date: 6 August 2015
ISBN 978-1-78178-778-6
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Iris Wildthyme
Dark Side Murder at the Abbey
Oracle of the Supermarket was the third story of the fifth series of the Iris Wildthyme audio series, Wildthyme Reloaded.

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Cassie Burdock works on the till in the local branch of Fergusons. She thinks she's nothing special, that she’s just like everyone else...until one day, she finds that she can predict the future with unnerving accuracy.

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