Iris Rides Out
3.2 Iris Rides Out cover{{#set:Has image=File:3.2 Iris Rides Out cover.jpg}}
Main character(s): Iris Wildthyme
Featuring: Panda, Thomas Carnacki
Main setting: Mocata Grange, England, 1904
Key crew
Publisher: publisher::Big Finish Productions
Writer: Guy Adams
Director: Gary Russell
Release details
Release number: 3.2
Release date: 30 August 2012
Format: 1 CD, 60 minutes approx
Production code: BFPNWCD08
ISBN 978-1-84435-631-7
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Iris Wildthyme
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Iris Rides Out was the ninth release in the Iris Wildthyme audio series. It was the second story in the third season. It was written by Guy Adams.

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"Back foul harpy! Denizen of the lower levels!"

Thomas Carnacki, the famed Edwardian Ghost Finder, faces his most terrifying challenge yet. Not only must he rid Mocata Grange of hideous apparitions and rampaging pig-monsters, he must also avoid the advances of that hellcat Iris Wildthyme. Will any of them get through the night alive?

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