High Spirits
Main character(s): Iris Wildthyme
Featuring: Edwin Turner
Main setting: Garden in the Clouds, Montague quadrant
Key crew
Publisher: publisher::Big Finish Productions
Writer: Cavan Scott
Director: Scott Handcock
Music: Ioan Morris and Rhys Downing
Sound: Neil Gardner
Cover by: Hamish Steele
Release details
Release number: 5.6
Release date: 6 August 2015
ISBN 978-1-78178-778-6
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Iris Wildthyme
The Slots of Giza An Extraterrestrial Werewolf in Belgium
High Spirits was the sixth story of the fifth series of the Iris Wildthyme audio series, Wildthyme Reloaded.

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When Iris lands the bus on the infamous Garden in the Clouds, she and Captain Turner are expecting a world of peace and tranquility. Instead, they arrive on a world plagued by hauntings, where the ghosts want to lay them to rest.

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References Edit

  • The Garden in the Clouds has artificial weather controls.
  • The planet Emtraxien Major has red mountains, yellow snow and natural resources of kymestone.
  • Turner does not know what a computer is.
  • Iris uses her bus windscreen as a computer monitor.
  • Iris encounters the temporal echo of her future self.

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Continuity Edit

  • Iris describes the Garden in the Clouds as "the most tranquil place in the galaxy." The Doctor described the Eye of Orion in the same respect. (TV: The Five Doctors) She prefers it to Kew Gardens.

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